Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Go sisters go

The theater group had its first meeting this morning.
When i arrived, only Rick was there. He takes care of the lights and other management things at school, and was preparing the class by filling the floor with...pillows?

Ahh I see. Dale seems to love sitting on the ground, and having long conversations with his 'actors' to prepare the performances...
So... we have to 'feel' like the loving March sisters? And they say , yes yes? Thinking about their personalities I just wonder... has any of these girls read the book?

                                     OUTFITS by GRAFFITIWEAR 
Hanky Panky Periwinkle  **** Yellow Racer Tank & Cooper rusty jeans
Tropical tank dress *** Paper flowers tangerine

Oh and we have a boy here!

Tyrese shape & Star tribal tatoo from SucKah Punch Designs 
at I need new outlet
  If you want this pillow with pose for free... go for it :)   Forgive me J at Iron Horse Island

The best in pinterest :)