Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Have you already seen Smowl's new movie, 'DON'T'? Wow, she is so super cute and sexy, and her character in the new movie is so touching, everybody loves her!
Bf and I were going to the movies last night, and Lil' and BigBoobsBetty wanted to come too, so we met at the cinema.

   And then some more friends joined.... Mona and H, with her bro NIco. Fortunately, he usually is a bit quiet when Bf is around. Maybe cause he always asks me if i am still with him, and when he sees us together he can save the stupid question. 
ohhhh SHHHHHH the movie begins.
Colt is working in a little village not far from the city, and his gf, Smowl, is worried cause he has not contacted her in a couple of days. Suddenly, she gets a weird call from him. Talking incoherently, he tells her
and of course, she decides to go there inmediately.

oh my, it was all so quiet in the rain,
so silent in the shadows....
I moved a bit closer to Bf.

Oh wow wow and Colt doesnt want her to come back cause he is so scared of hurting her or have other zombies hurting her.... I was melting while the dark voice of the almost completely zombie bf repeated, dont come back .... DONT! But of course, she will, she will be back!!! ( I would too!!!)

ohhhh so beautiful, all the girls were crying like crazy.
Well, not all...

i bet  she is right HAHAHAHAHA
I wont argue about zombies, MOna can keep his :P But there is NO ONE like my boy, that's for sure!


DD, Smowl, and the girls' outfits from CD designs
Bf's shirt from the unisex t shirt collection from Gibberish Art

This great movie theater is Sweet Dreams Movies, at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Short%20Beach/58/23/22
and the A-W-E-S-O-M-E place where the DON'T movie happens is SuiciDe city at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Hamoa%20Island/150/98/23
its worth a visit!!!!

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