Friday, September 30, 2011

DONT (Welcome back)

Friday night  ... but im not going out cause Bf isnt here. And he told me he will phone at midnight to know how the novel ends... oh i love when he  calls in the night and we whisper for hours under the covers
(eachone his / hers :)  )

The book is great, i love the characters, specially the wolf, i think he is so sweet and i am really hoping they find a cure for him, but then, what if Colt reappears? Cause i think they are beginning to like eachother, but if the boyfriend appears , what will Smowl do?

DONT (Welcome back) by C.D.Axter

Oh no, poor wolf! His dad is such a monster! I bet Bf will be glad the ugly man appears again, he loved the character hahahaha

( to be continued)

Oh my!  I cant wait to see whats next!
 'Hello princess, my love, how are you feeling?'
 'Oh Bf, i ended the book and....'

DD's outfit same as last DONT post

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