Sunday, October 23, 2011

I hate the CRISIS!

I found mom crying.
Mom is a tough girl. Since dad went on his last mission, she has never been 100% herself, the woman i still remember. But she has done really well and never complained.

I came home from school. Mr Sexy had given me an A on his last exam and i wanted to show mom what a good student i (for once) was :)
The house was silent and i ran to her bedroom, cause i knew she was home.

Oh poor mom. The little restaurant where she worked on weekends was closing because of the crisis.
Losing her part time  job was really worrying , cause we both knew her other job as art expert at the gallery payed her bad and never on time.
Mom tried to explain the situation, and it was obvious our lives were going to change a lot...and not for good.

The most important was to keep the house. We were paying the mortgage with the money  the army kept sending for dad, so we couldnt touch that if we didnt want to risk our home.

I couldnt stand to see mom so sad. She didnt want to ask granny for help, cause her resources were very limited  too. And of course , Kathe was rich enough to help us, but I agreeded to do as much as possible to never have to ask for her always conditional help.

Oh noooo! leaving my school...  Mom had looked for advice and she had found a 'nice place' where i could follow my course.
I felt like crying and that wasnt fair for mom, so i told her lets have a walk and we went out for a while, and i think we felt better.

When we were back we were reading all the information mom had got about my new school.

A whole new school life ... I pretended to be strong and looked for the nice part of it.
But as soon as i could i called Bf. I was so glad he was home and not lost in one of his footballteam tours!


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