Thursday, October 13, 2011

MULBERRY HORROR (Zazu's Halloween date)

You cant imagine how frustrating my last date was, DD.
I met this gorgeous boy in a pub, you know, a bit too dark, a bit too ...erm drunk... but honestly, girl, all i can remember is he was such a sweety!

He talked a bit funny, he probably was a foreigner ... exciting! ( though it  could have been the alcohol too :)  )
So when he said...

We had to meet at his neighbourhood. You would have loved the subway station ,  so exotic!
I was longing to see him again.
But the idiot left me there, waiting for him. I gave him 15 minutes cause he was cute, but after that time...

I remembered last night he had talked about a circus, and i began walking in the sunset, looking for it.

Anyway, what can i tell you, DD, you should see it, cause it was a bit... how could i say, nothing to do with our usual places.
You are wondering what i mean...
ok, see for exemple...

Yes, cause it was very quiet... but in a way... menacingly quiet, if you know what i mean...

And when i finally got to the circus... oh my those...clowns...
Wow i felt curiosity when i saw something...
I shouldnt have done it, cause I dont mind darkness, but DD, if there is something that really scares me ...

So i left , no date , and i really hope that stupid boy wont dare to call me again, or he will know the real meaning of SPOOKY!!!

(Though he seemed sweet ...   I  cant help wondering if the dinner would have been nice...)
This is one of the most amazing Halloween sims i have visited in SL.
They already did great job last year but this one , believe me, its AWESOME.
Take your time and visit all the buildings, scream at the hidden surprises, use the poseballs, look for the zombies,...
If you like Halloween
you cant miss MULBERRY HORROR!!!!!
(open till Nov 1st)

and you can meet the 'sweet boy' at Grendel's Children, Dragons, Monsters, and more!

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