Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mom, you are too pretty

Mom and I had an argument this evening. Dad's cousin is in the city and he called mom to take her out for dinner. And she said YES!
Im really angry.
I just cant put up with that horrible man being around her, pretending he is just kind at us and cares for his cousin's family. HA! yes, you care pig face, you care FOR MY MOM, i am not a kid, i know what i see.

I cant blame her for wanting a night out, dinner in a nice restaurant, gossips about the family... But with that man!
Mom says im childish...

Oh yes, but look at you! This dress is amazing! And you look too good on it! You look... desirable!

The door rang and i looked at her with a grumpy face. But mom smiled and kissed me,whispering something in my ear.

Cause mom and i can have our disagreements, but we love eachother so very much. And she knows how to soothe me :), she is so nice, do you know what she whispered in my ear before leaving?

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