Thursday, November 24, 2011

Once upon a time...

And the rest of my literature group finally met. I have to say that i wasnt very happy about having K8 in the group. But im afraid the rest of my team isnt much better.

Telling them to better hurry with the work before the weekend arrived , made them agree on sitting together and talk for a bit. And then i saw it was going to be sooo difficult ...

K8's idea
The girl is a princess of fashion, a top model. The prince gave her so many gifts that now he is poor as a mouse and cries cause she  wont give him a (free) kiss. So he decides to join the army and dies in the war. And the castle.... what the hell, who cares, the teacher wont complain if we miss one word, right?

PB's story is slightly different. He says...
The girl is a princess of sex, looking for a prince able to xxxx ( i wont write the word)  her , till she screams like a mouse. They will  xxxx (I wont write the word, but its the same one) in a place PB seems to know quite well, named 'The Castle Motel', and they will  xxxx  (again, sigh!) so hard the place will look like it was destroyed in a war and the owner cries in rage, till the prince tells him, 'you can kiss my butt'.

Lets see ...
A  radiactive mouse escapes from a lab in the dungeons of a castle and  bites a boy, who cries , but he gets superpowers and becomes a superheroe. So he calls himself the prince of the superheros and people love him and go kissing him and thanking him for saving the world from wars.
But the bitting has other side effects and he develops big boobs, so he changes his name to superprincess and marries Spiderman (cause Sugar Suz just has a crush on this superhero).

What can i say but ... HELP!!!!

K8's story
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PB's story
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SUGAR SUZ'S  story
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