Wednesday, November 16, 2011

She is nice!!!!

Oh wow something happened today and it was gooood!
Mom had told me last night she was sorry but had an important meeting and had no time to drive me to the school. 
But the fact was i had never taken the school bus yet, and was not really longing to do it.
It was early and at the bus stop was only one girl, one of the my no-friends, of course, but who?

Yes i think its...

Last week,  Minnie  had been looking at me as if i were invisible. But the truth was she and her twin , Sinny were always like glued to eachother and in a world apart from the rest of us.
But then... the miracle!

wowow the twin was talking to me!!! I was not invisible anymore! We had a fun chat while waiting for the bus. Her sister was suffering a bad cold and was going to stay home for some days. I saw she was feeling a bit lost without her, and i took the chance and was as nice as i could to make her feel good.

I was a bit afraid she would leave me as soon as we met her friends, but no way. Other girls were in the bus and she made me join the group and suddenly they all were talking to me as if i had  always been one of them.

I dont dare to believe it but  ... am  I going to begin liking my new school?!


Baby It's Cold Outside, outfit by Beautiful Dirty Rich
the lovely Dripped cross in her mouth by Sour Pickles
Hair with hat .EMO-tions group gift
2. DD
                                                   Koketka-Lena dress (blue) by Koketka 
::Poised:: Queen Boots dark brown by Poised  
                             ::Poised::Queen Tunic Black by Poised  

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