Saturday, December 10, 2011


Its been lots of years since i had that dream, but I think i will never forget it.
Dad had gone on a mission and Christmas was close, and mom and i were worrying cause we had no news. I remember how much i wanted him back on time for the holidays... And then i had a dream.

The path was silent... just the wind blowing around me.

I remember walking in the snow, and little bells whispering, like guiding me.
The village appeared sudenly , taking my breath away.

'I have to see it all', i thought, or maybe shouted it, i was soo excited!

The elves were soo busy! And they seemed to know me, but I was not surprised, cause i knew where i was. The North Pole signal... the decoration... the bells... the the the AIR... it has to be Santa's village!!!
And if it was his village... will the reindeer be there?

But the elves had lots of modern devices too hahahaha
Then i made friends with some little elves playing with the snow. The school bell rang and they ran inside, and i joined them.

I suspected the teacher was my math teacher at school! So i ran using a back door :P

And THEN ...
I smile when i remember what came next, cause yes yes here he comes... 
Santa! Oh wowow He asked me if i had been good, 'yes, Santa', and then he wanted to know what i wanted him to bring me. 'I dont dare to say', said litte DD, and Santa was surprised.
I knew it was not a normal gift, but dad had been out for too long and even being a child i could see how worried mom was and how scared she was when the phone rang. 
But Santa told me something. He said he couldnt promise dad would be back for Xmas. He said dad was doing a very important job for all of us. But he promised one day i would get a secret gift... dad would be back home.

I told mom about the dream and she cried and said that was GREAT :) 
Few days later, people from the Army began calling saying 'Im so sorry to tell you this'. But mom said no way. 
Santa's magic is with dad. Maybe this will be the Xmas ...

This post is dedicated to my friend Gerome, who told me about this wonderful place.

The amazing mm mm mmm temptations tray and the Christmas Tree and presents Snowglobe are from Sour Pickles
Little DD's outfit... sorry this happened long ago :), the store isnt SL anymore, but her boots are  the Cosies by  ROCK ME AMADEUS

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