Thursday, January 26, 2012

St Valentine is almost here

When i got home, with Lil' and Big Boobs Betty, a surprise awaited me.

Bf's mom had been home.
Mom said Giulia was very nervous cause her husband was taking her to London to have a super St Valentine.

She was there to bring me something Bf got for me ... so she gave mom a bag and ran.

Just that moment, he texted me saying... 

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww my boy is so super cute!!!!  Bf was going to be out on  St Valentine, so sending an early gift  was so nice from him! The girls were, come on, come on, we wanna see... So i went to my bedroom to change my clothing , took a little lovely box from the bag ... opened it and ... 
Oh my!!!! It was a lovely little ... very little thing! It was such a sexy ... very sexy thing! And Bf had said ... wear it today?? Where was he taking me??
Oh yes, of course Bf is a man ... and Bf and i have  ... but we never have had ... ohhhh you know!

And this was all a bit weird, but, was he asking for ... special gift as Big Boobs Betty said? and if not, when and where was i  suposed to wear ... it?
I had to call Bf.
But this very moment, my phone rang, and it was Giulia.
She had to see me because because... oh, she was sure i was going to laugh, but ...

I adore this boy! 

and i bet someone got a room with a view in London city, dont you think so? :)


Queen of hearts

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