Saturday, January 21, 2012

We rule the school!

Oh wow! This was the first time i got the EMERGENCY CALL.
Loulou was the one to phone me, saying we needed to join the group that afternoon, cause we had an emergency.
I felt so excited and so happy to see they were counting on me, that i didnt even ask what the emergency was.

The girls were first to arrive, and they updated me about 'the thing'.
Jewel had seen a note on the board.
Dale, the theater teacher wrote ...

Ohhhh and if someone was going to play LITTLE WOMEN main roles, these would be US and not 'them' (the girls of the other class).

The twins were out of town for the weekend, as Tickles, and some other people couldnt join either, but we texted everybody and got an unanimous THEY WONT GET IT that made us feel great.

Ok we did the job, and had a nice chatting. Jewels  and Sugar Suz looked great, they both were hosting at the tennis club.
Loulou had had another of her arguments and didnt know if Marlow was coming to meet her or not. Ugh what a boy. We all agreed he could be sooo nice if he just...


  A dance exam, a fight for the play ... We can say that the homework of this school is ... erm ... different? :)

                         High Waist Pants Chocolate . New winter collection
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 Gold Caged Bird Set & Cheetah chimera and paw boots

Marlow  wears  AKERUKA  skins, and you can find the 'good boy' Damien skin  as Group Gift!

Leather Mini Dress Zip with boots

Selvagem Tattoo
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