Sunday, February 12, 2012

Message in a bottle... yeah

What do you do when the boy you like (cause she likes him) is too shy to ask you for dates? Yeah YOU go and ASK him. Especially if you are the most popular girl in the school.
Awww poor Minnie, never gives up...  But we all know if Gott were brave enough, he would ask Sugar Suz for a date.
In our way home, all the stores look nicely full of St Valentine deco and all sort of possible gifts.

Yes, just ending my call, and i got one from Sinny, to tell me someone had seen Marlow shopping. He had got a beautiful necklace with a heart, and i wondered if this time Loulou will let us see it.
Though as the song says 'la vida te da sorpresas...'  Life surprises you, oh yes!


See more of this booty jewels ...

Kiowa Cor necklace as the Amore jewelry set (see up) by
~Elemental Earth Designs~

This lovely shape is CALLIE
 from  Ample Avi

Sinny & Minnie wear Glam Punk and Glam Chilli from
and the work  boots from GRAFFITIWEAR  

Panda pal back pack ~Elemental Earth Designs~


Voodoo Doll (Shatered hearts gift)

GRAFFITIWEAR                                 NUTS FOR YOU ~Elemental Earth Designs~

Message in a bottle necklace

 ~Elemental Earth Designs~

Urban  girl

The 10L store

Vermillion by GRAFFITIWEAR

And I bet you want to know what Sugar Suz got :)  Isnt the Sour Pickles necklace beautiful? It looks fantastic with this white knit dress by ROCK ME AMADEUS 
This cute model wears Marcel shape FREE! at  External Appearance
 and Elena skin & make up by { essences }                Special thanks to Sirena Penucca the owner of  ~Elemental Earth Designs~ for appearing in the post :)

The best in pinterest :)