Tuesday, March 20, 2012

See who is here!

Today at the theater class one of the curtains seemed to be broken and the director sent me to look for the management man.
And who do you think i found working for the management team?
I just had seen him at MOna's picture, but i had no doubt.

Then he added ... ' mind you telling me where the theater is? ' We began chatting and he said it was his first day at school blah blah blah and i forgot i was supposed to come back to the class. I wanted to ask him if he was MOna's boyfriend, but something interrupted us.

An angel appeared.

Well, thats what Honk said, but in fact it was only Sugar Suz  hahahahaha
She looked amazing in the long dress she was wearing for the class,  and I had a feeling ... No, i bet im wrong ... He is MOna's boy.


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