Sunday, March 25, 2012

Special Edition

We joined at Doc's studio. The girls had some school stuff to do and  I arrived a bit later.
They were talking about the  new movie of Blood Sis, one of the more commented this week.
Specially because of the main male characters, a couple of sexy twins. Kitty said they are sooo sexy they are like the Special Edition of a man hahahaha

AKERUKA SKIN Damien Special

And then,  BigBoobsBetty  said they reminded her to Honk.
But then Lil' and Kitty, who had met Honk, began saying that he could be very sexy, but not good for MOna, cause he was a bit ... vulgar.

Oh! That was not true, Honk was a nice boy. But i didnt want to let them know i had met him at school. I had a feeling ... Well,  i didnt want to tell them. Not yet.
Ohhh not fair!
Doc stopped the argument by pushing us to the movies.
And i have to say ... i think BigBoobsBetty is not very wrong when she says Honk is as sexy as the twins! ;)
Mayfly - Deep Sky Eyes. Crystal   TrendStyle - Sexy Front Open Gown red
AKERUKA SKIN Lisa Special & Lisa shape
Check the many make up versions you can find of this special edition of Damien and Lisa!

TrendStyle - Sexy Top and Skirt Karina red

TrendStyle - Wrapped Dress Jenna flieder

 ::T&G:: Cuore Set::Purple::

SLC  Baby Doll, Capri Jeans and Thong fleur
 Baby Doll Sweet Flower red

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