Friday, March 2, 2012

Straps off!

These girls are amazing .
Last night we went to the Shoulders Contest.
It was one of those crazy events organized by the mall's club.
Missy and her band had been teasing the twins about it. So... we decided to go and see who had best shoulders! :))

We all were ready for the competition, but Sugar Suz.
She  appeared a bit late and seemed to have had some problems with Sinny's text message. She was wearing a jacket, and no chances to show shoulders, cause she had nothing under it.
What ... Sugar Suz not being the very center of everything? Nahhhhhhh      Ok, there we go... Tickles looked awesome, though the bad girls werent an easy rival...
But we were ready for the battle!
And now if i asked you ... who won the contest ... what would you say?
And no one could say she didnt have
amazing ...
SHOULDERS :)))                               

SHAPE Siobhan  :.::HOT STUFF::.: ,
SKIN Allison 01 Urban  girl 
OUTFIT Valentina Ultrashortdress grey  :.::HOT STUFF::.:

*.JULYs.* Mesh Corset "Fur" Brown & Pink
::{Favole}:: Leggings

::{Favole}:: Edged Green

                                                                        ::{Favole}:: Aterna Black & leggings

TrendStyle Cocktail Dress Asya red    
                                                                           *.JULYs.*  Laces Corsage 
                                                                     black with  pushed down  
                                                                     Bra &   ::{Favole}::  Leggings

Sinny's top  ::{Favole}:: Aterna purple        Minnie's top : free gift Urban  girl
                                             GRAFFITIWEAR Lace Miniskirt
Sinny's stockings  ::{Favole}::  Cache purple    Minnie's   ::{Favole}:: stockings orange

::Poised:: Vixen skirt tiger
 GRAFFITIWEAR Leather Jacket Copper Collar

The best in pinterest :)