Monday, March 5, 2012

yOuNG AnD pRetTy?

Lets see. We are here because of a job ad at school.
The thing is Loulou and Sugar Suz wanted to give it a try, and call the number. Marlow and I said we were going with them. And we went to see the place.

But unfortunately, Loulou had got a wrong address.

So they called again. The place was at the other side of the city, but when we left the subway ...
We were there, so  we decided to go on. The man who came to welcome us in the ... studio? was like a spooky movie character. I have to admit  we all got closer to Marlow, and silently thanked him for being there.

He gave us a box saying 'wear that and come one by one to the room on the right'.

So we changed clothes while Marlow went to 'explore' the place.
And he saw the 'studio', with a bed in the middle,
and came back to tell  us we had to leave.
We hide in a back room and began to dress in a hurry. Marlow knocked the door. More men were coming! For a moment we were collapsed. Then Loulou began crying and Marlow became superman. He kicked the grid that covered a ventilation hole in a corner of the room till it fell.
The following is all of us slipping to the back street through the filthy hole and running like wanting the olympic gold!


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