Saturday, May 12, 2012

Chick in the locker room!

I like to fix things as soon as possible, but also know you better calm down before doing things you can regret.
Silence is a very good friend, so i decided to wait before talking to him ... but mom went out next day again with his grandad. 'Just a friendly dinner'.
 And i came for Silence to the football training. Oh my, I needed to talk to him!

 Of course you should! But he gave me some good news, his grandad was off for a report in the Amazonas for a week. And (keep my fingers crossed) maybe there wont be more nice and friendly dates the next days.

Sleeping Koala at Culture Shock - Bold Print Dress

The outfits of the guys are from Sour Pickles

Colormyworld rainbow boxers  50L Frenzy

Rumpled jeans - Fifty5 Thursday Item
* ESSENTIAL SOUL *   pose Intrigue III 

  Stability tee Monday Mania Item
  Stability tee graffiti edition Its on Sale Item

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