Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I dont really want even to think about this. But Im so worried and so ANGRY.
Yes!  Silence's grandad has invited mom to the movies.

End seems to be a famous photographer and is going to have an exposition at the gallery where mom works.
No matter how angry i was at mom and how many times i asked 'are you crazy?' He appeared exactly on time.
Oh yes, and look at her, why is she smiling while going down the stairs?
But what the hell is this???  Lovely woman?? And ' oh just a little dress ' ... lier! she wore it specially for this date!! Wait ... date???
Im calling Silence right now. He better keeps his grandad away from my mom!

TrendStyle Summer Top, Capris and Bandeau blue 

Pose by  * ESSENTIAL SOUL *  Engaged
Here are some of the SLC Mesh Dress Country   One of the loveliest mesh dresses ive seen!

The best in pinterest :)