Sunday, May 6, 2012

Stormy horizon

The twins think the bad girls have secret plans. They were at the pizzeria, so absorted in their 'mean purposes' that they didnt see my friends, and they had the chance to catch some of their words.
What are they planning to do with or to the boys? Oh i bet they will bring trouble, whatever it is!

:.::HOT STUFF::.: Stephanya jeans 
*.JULYs.*   Double Tank - Black Retro (Private Room)
& ALL I NEED tatoo  (Private Room) 

GRAFFITIWEAR Blue Plaid Crop Top
*.JULYs.*  Mesh Capri Pants Checker (Private Room)  

*.JULYs.*  BIG - Love Bear (Private Room) &  BIG - Panda  - The Fashion Cache
:.::HOT STUFF::.:   Jesse Fuxia/Yellow & jean
*.JULYs.*   Open Top
& Ultra Low ripped 

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