Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Bad news, we have to write a review about art.
Good news, we can do it together.
This afternoon we had nothing special to do, so i pushed the girls a bit to do the homework.
Then Marlow arrived and asked to join us. He was very 'hey chicks... hey sexy things...' but we know him toooooo well, so no problem. Anyway, he was about leaving when he heard the word 'homework', but then he remembered the new exhibition of LeMelon Rouge, 'Boxes' , and said we could go checking.

And wow, for once in his life he had a great idea :P
We had our homework done and a lot of fun while doing it.
And if you add the cool shirt we got as gift from the artist,  you can tell we were a bunch of happy people this afternoon!

Dont miss this amazing artist at Maryva Mayo Gallery. LeMelon Rouge - 'Boxes' till july 12th.

TrendStyle  Jeans & Doll red
*.JULYs.* Leo Pants - purple
OPOPOP HBK Death strike  

Ridicool // Jean's F
Mojiska in Cyan // Mesh Top
SLC Mesh Knee Boots Leather red


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