Friday, June 8, 2012

I miss the chick

SLC I Do Wedding Expo Bridal Hunt
Eternal Dream poses  BLYTHE 09 for Private Room

Wowow I never thought Id see this.
Loulou is travelling to Europe. One of her closest cousins is getting married and she is her bridesmaid.
She was so excited about it!

But ... will you believe this? Her boy,  Badass Marlow,  is totally depressed without her!

And all he does is talking about ' the chick ' ,  wondering what she is doing and wanting her back.

Cause, oh girls, the chick is ...

Get the Newbie Hunt ARMY GIRL
Eternal Dream poses
Vain 02  for Private Room 
... his brave little soldier ...
*Pretty Lady* Bratty Black
SLC Mesh Knee Boots Latex black
Eternal Dream poses  
BLYTHE 03 for Private Room   

... his spoiled child ...

Get the Newbie Hunt outfit &
Mesh Knee Boots Latex black
Eternal Dream poses  BLYTHE 07 for Private Room  
... his naughty brat ...

[Wild Serenity] Innocence Ivory
Eternal Dream poses  Vain 04 for Private Room 
And of course, his super sexy sweetie

PNP ~ Climbing On Up
GRAFFITIWEAR Jeans Cutoff Shorts
AKERUKA skins Damien
So  ok, he cant help watching all the girls boobs & butts, but when he jokes ' Deep inside, Im a romantic', he  probably is closer to the truth than he dares to admit. And I am glad for my friend Loulou,  his chick  :)

The best in pinterest :)