Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Not your business

Katherine  (shhh dont call her grandma) , called yesterday wanting us to join her in that beautiful restaurant  for lunch.

She was looking amazing as usual, so elegant and beautiful. But after allowing us to tell her about it several times, she didnt wait to say what she wanted us to hear.

It seemed some people had been talking about mom and the photographer.
And Katherine said it was a shame. She said mom was not thinking of me, when she allowed people to talk about her and 'a man of no morals'

But when she said she always expected mom to honor her husband's memory, we both got up.
So we got home, and mom was brave and didnt cry.
And i couldnt help but telling her when i saw Katherine i thought she wanted to see us to tell us ...
I love to make mom laugh :))

Blazer Fall  [Blue] & Pants Leather

SLC Mesh Tunic Blouse black flower

Ruffled Blouse  & Skuzzy Skirt 
 White Butterfly Denim Summer Shoes

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