Sunday, June 24, 2012

Try it

Derp Daron- Try it
based on the novel of C.D.Axter

The room was so white that Graue couldnt keep her eyes wide open. She noticed the slippery sound, like a bloob-bloob-bloob surronding her, but when she saw who was making it, she almost fainted.

Nevertheless, the thing was ... friendly.
'Hello---Im the hub assistant---This--is--a--place--to--redirect--lost--travellers'
'Oh my. Please help me'
'Tell me where to go, please'
Graue thought desperately, how could she make the thing collaborate?
'Where would you go if you were me?'
'Where will i be safe?'


'Please send me home'
'Please, do it'
'Ashes? Is that a place?'
'What if I ask you'
'Try--- it'.

And when the teleport opened, she jumped in.

                                                                  TO BE CONTINUED

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