Sunday, July 8, 2012

Beautiful Ashes

Derp Daron - Beautiful Ashes

Based on the novel of C.D.Axter

Graue looked around while the teleporter closed. She was feeling a sudden and deep sadness.
The dilapidated place made her feel a weird pain.
She sat on the ground, trying to recover. Why was she so affected by the misery of the place?
Something in her pocket pressed on her thigh.
Distracted, the girl took out  a pendant her dad gave her when she was a little  kid.
He told her to keep it always with her, cause she was wearing it when he found her in the jungle.
 It was all the orphan had from her unknown origen.
And, as a good kid, she always kept it.
 ' Yes, good girl. Even when running from robots, even when travelling to
another planet, i keep it,  dad' 
'Its been long since i had seen that pendant'
Graue rubbed her eyes, but the animal didnt disappear.
'A grey girl. I thought i wouldnt see one of those again'
'What... what do you mean? Are there more people with same skin colour here? '
Dad had told her she probably came from a tribe of dark natives who lived inside the jungle.
Grey girl? Not a soft black skin, but grey?
The flashback came suddenly. A mess of images and voices. Derp daron,  'Beautiful ashes'. A king. A clock. Time to fight , time to leave.
And a weird, powerful sense of belonging. 
'What is this planet? What happened here? Where are the people?'
But her new friend couldnt answer.
The sandworm caught the little animal by surprise. Before Graue could even scream, it had been swallowed.
She had the crazy impulse of raising the pendant, unable to move away from the monster.
The beast stayed still what felt like an eternity ... just watching her, and suddenly...
... turned its back and slipped away.
'Oh my, does the pendant atract weird creatures to me? Why? What is this place? Or...what was it?'
But then a random teleporter opened at her back, and, too afraid of the place and its inhabitants, Graue decided to leave.
                                                                                    TO BE CONTINUED
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