Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ghosts & sleeping bags

I bet you cant think of a better way to celebrate 4th of july than spending the night in a haunted house, right?
I still dont know how they convinced me.
In fact i know.
 I did it cause mom told me we were inviting End and Silence to celebrate 4th july with us. But this is another story.
The fact is Silence and I ended up at the haunted house, with Tis, Sugar Suz and Marlow.
The house was not as dirty as we expected it to be, and Tis said they were trying to rent it.
 After a cold dinner and  lots of horror stories, we organized the sleeping bags for the night. And we discovered that someone had forgotten something.
Yeah, share, but who wanted to share the bag? NO one would share something so narrow with him. At least not Sugar Suz and me,  Loulou's friends, but what about ...
So Tis took Silence's bag and let the boys use her bigger one. I think she was very kind... why didnt they thank her? hahahaha
Oh, and i will add that  we were  'unlucky' and no ghost came for a visit.
                                      Yeah. A pity :P

Coal Crisscross Top & plaid pants


PNP pose paulo
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Mu-Shi Doll Grey straps dress
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