Saturday, July 21, 2012

Oldie but gOlDie

My new school has nothing to do with St Thomas. The nuns used to have a serious ceremony at the end of the course, giving us a speech about moral and responsibilities, and warning us about the dangers of life, referring especially to summer AND boys :)
This year there is a ceremony, yes, but quite different.
The school has rented a big theater and invited the families to see us make short speeches that have been part of our final exam for the grammar and the theater courses.
So here we are, behind the curtain, trying to take a peek at our families.

Ruby (one of our 'enemies') has to welcome the audience. Today she wears very gothic... Sugar Suz has been wondering if she will scare people and make them run, till Ruby almost slapped her hahahahaha
Mom is coming for sure. And If i am lucky, End wont be here, cause Silence says he doesnt expect his grandad to be back till tomorrow...
Oh no.
The girls asked what happened and i whispered Silence's grandad was being too friendly with my mother. Of course, they all ran to check the couple...
 What? SEXY?
And people is arriving...
OPOPOP // Chamanca in Blue // Mesh Jacket
Akeruka skin  Twiggy

Im learning that my friends like oldies ... and some other interesting things too, cause Umami was around and guess what she said? Well, girls were discussing if Silence was cute and his grandad was sexy...
OPOPOP  // Macao in Black // Mesh Skirt
*.JULYs.*  Blouse black
Loulou opened her mouth to say something about it, but i looked at her and she stopped. We all know she is Silence's impossible love. But Umami has been out, and it seems that she has no idea about it. And, anyway,  if Loulou doesnt love Silence, she should let him go.


OPOPOP  // Tamagozake in Red // Mesh Tank Top

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SLC Mesh Belted Tube Mini Dress
*ANNA SHAPES*  for One Voice Fundaiser-  Veronica Model
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The Muse ^Poses Eupharie
.:: Designer Circle ::.   !!CiC!! Bella hair

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