Friday, July 27, 2012

Style is Me

I am sorry to say this but Loulou is not being fair.
Since we began suspecting Umami likes Silence, she has begun acting a bit silly about the girl.
For exemple, she cant deny Umami is absolutely gorgeous (cause she is), but she says that she has not 'style'. And i dont think thats true.
I dont want to argue with her. We already did when she invited Silence to the school party , just to make Marlow jealous.
But since we went to the beach with the class the other day, ...
well, she is acting like a B-I-T-C-H.
Nothing happened but they sat together, and talked a lot. And everybody saw it.
And anyway, there is not a reason to critizise the girl ... and as usually happens when you talk about someone, ...
We just said hello cause she was shopping with her mom.
I couldnt help telling Loulou, 'admit she was stylish' And Loulou was sooo pissed off that she kept grumpy for the rest of the day.
artME fashion  Red hat
[Amarelo Manga]  - Cropped Sweater & skinny jeans
bis[k]uit shoes
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  PrincessMode - Malevolent Poses 
SLC Mesh Belted Tube Mini Dress red

OPOPOP Wax in Brown // Mesh Tank Top
Zoey Mesh Solid - top and mesh shirt with hud 
bis[k]uit shoes

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