Sunday, July 1, 2012

We are THE team

I wanted to tell mom about my applying to the school newspaper, but she didnt come home for lunch.
She is spending so much time away these last days.
She says she is super busy since she got the promotion at work, and i really HOPE its just that.

So I went to the newpaper office. I was a bit worried cause i had heard that Tis was not exactly a sweet girl, and some people said it was very difficult to work with her.

But she was rather nice ...

Then she explained people were 'leaving the ship like rats', because of the final exams. That made her write the ad, looking for volunteers.
PNP pose Paulo Set 
So Paul, Tis and I are 'the school journal team', at least till the exams end.
I have a feeling ... this is going to be fun! :)

GRAFFITIWEAR Pink Daisies Skuzzy Skirt
OPOPOP Tatanka Oyate // Mesh Top
SECRETS HAIR  Whisper Hair 

*.JULYs.* Bad Girl Jeans
Neckholder top
Akeruka  Neo skin & shape 
GRAFFITIWEAR  Jeans Cutoff Shorts
SECRETS HAIR Madara Hair  

(wouldnt he be nice if he cut that hair 'a bit'? :) )

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