Saturday, August 11, 2012

Believe me, its crazy!

AKERUKA  Meg V2 skin and shape
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.::PiNK CHERRY::. Seductive Minidress - Purple
Believe me this Dare U story is making everybody crazy here.

I wish it were only Meg Light the model in the ad!

Yesterday I was a bit late  to meet  my friends at Silence’s home.
When I got there, a nice girl introduced herself by saying she worked for the Dare U company and…
*ANNA SHAPES for Vanity fair* Beatriz model
:DS:: Merlyn tequila sunrise skin
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 P.i.X.X.i.S Dress Peplum Navy Lady
What? So I said I was not coming for that, and  she smiled. ‘Good’, she said, ‘ I bet there are hundred girls waiting there’, and I couldn’t help but laughing. She told me she was there cause End was working for them too.
I found my friends were about having and argument. Loulou was very pissed off and didn’t try to hide it. Umami kept silent and Marlow tried to cheer everybody up.
And all because End was the photographer for the Dare U ad.
And he had entered the room where Silence was with his friends to tell him he was leaving. And when he saw them … well, Umami’s  bubblegum exploded on her face in surprise, but…

Marlow kept joking about how wonderful it would be to be a photographer, followed by thousand beautiful women and drinking Dare U for free.' Hey, and I mean, Dare U ETERNALLY  for free, wow!'
And Marlow is a nice guy ... but has his own ways.
Umami left after them, i saw she was really sad. I told  her it was not her fault and she almost cried.
And I didnt know what to do to help, but I tried.
DD's pose
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PrincessMode - Vengeful Poses

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Catrinna Blood Mesh outfit 

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*Mayden Couture* - Trisha Outfit

CD designs Vanilla Summer dress
*SLAVE* Beads Sandals MESH

{:ThirteenTH:} Plaid Open Shirt
AKERUKA Damien skin
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