Sunday, August 5, 2012

Fly me to the moon

  I  went with the twins and Umami to see the new play at the village theater yesterday.
It is a musical about love and art, and we really enjoyed it, and this afternoon at the club (Silence's terrace) Umami and I couldnt stop talking about it.
I told Silence about the choreography.
I have heard Umami is a good dancer, and i suggested they could work together.
And, oh my, she is amazing too.
Cause we had a radio on, and we began dancing for joke... when suddenly Umami ... flew.
I had never seen someone moving that way.
EssentialSoul Dancing tide poses

We stopped dancing and watched her moving like floating.
I felt like in a dream, shadows, lights, around this sweet girl who had become a butterfly.
Suddenly, (surprising all of us,  cause he is so shy), Silence took her in his arms and they danced together, and then ... wow ...
EssentialSoul Passionate dance pose
The song ended and i clapped my hands laughing in delight. They were born to dance together! But not everybody seemed to have enjoyed it so much.

Oh my Loulou .... You cant be like that,
grow up, girl!
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