Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Leave them alone

I was there, so i can tell. NOTHING was going on.
We were just chatting. Silence was telling us about a novel he was reading and Umami and I were joking about his liking love stories.

Then Minnie arrived, happy about her shopping for sales, and we were deciding to go out for a while, when ...

We heard the door of the flat opening, and suddenly, a furious storm came over us. Well, over my friends.


Oh wow, did he find his grandson laughing and talking innocently with 3 girls, or rolling naked on the carpet with his gf?
Was the man crazy or what?
But surprises had not ended yet, cause when i walked with the girls to the door ...
I was shocked, furious, hurt. But poor Umami, she was crying so much i just thought of comforting her.
No, i dont like End AT ALL.
I didnt before, but now i have even more reasons to not like him.
And mom ... what the hell is she thinking? She shouldnt like him so much either.
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