Thursday, August 23, 2012

The most beautiful sunset

Everybody seems to have decided to run the street race, and you can see people running up and down in spite of this hot weather.
And one of the fav places to run is the seashore.
Last night Silence went to run and sat for a while on the beach.
And do you know who appeared, absolutely cute in her training outfit?
He thought she was angry at him because of his grandad's words. She thought he was upset because she gave him trouble, and  had not answered his calls. So they both risked a NO, but ...
And i know it all cause they both called me to tell me they are sooooooooooooo happy!
Didnt i tell you there is a lot of love around? :) 

Umami's outfit
::Designer Circle::. 
*Mayden Couture* - Steffy Outfit

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