Friday, September 21, 2012

Thank you

When Umami and I entered the restroom, the smoke was filling the place, and Ree was fighting with the window to open it.

Yeah, yeah i dont care... you didnt care till Miss Beatrice appeared, you silly girl.
And why did i have the feeling Miss Beatrice had been trying to catch Ree doing 'something'?

She didnt see the cigarette, cause Ree had thrown it through the window a second before, but she noticed the smoke and didnt ask.
Ree was about crying, and Umi and I knew why. 'Only one chance' , Miss Beatrice had said when the girl came to school.
And now she was calling Mr. Book!
He had not even a chance to open his mouth before the SUPERdirector, as we could call Miss Beatrice, began accusing Ree...
And then it happened.
Oh my, Umi, noooooooooooooooo! Your mom is going to kill you!!!
Miss Beatrice seemed super-extra-non-plus-ultra- pissed off, and told Umami to go to her office cause she was going to call her parents.
She left the room without apologizing to Ree and her bro  because of 'the mistake', but also, so angry that she didnt check whose breath was full of tobacco.
Now Umami has a penalty of 2 days off school, and has to write a paper about Health&Tobacco. And our friends are very angry at Ree who hasnt even called Umi to say thank you.


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