Saturday, September 1, 2012


Yeah, i bet its unforgettable... it seems to have lots of chances to be the most boring party ever.
My friends and i were not very sure about the rules. The no smoking and drinking was nothing new, but who was going to judge the elegance and discretion of our outfits?
And what did behave mean? How do you behave in a party?

So, a bit worried about the success of the party, we joined at our new place.
Umami and i arrived first, and waited for the people.
 We got some drinks, Marlow had said he would come, even if Loulou was busy with Sugar Suz, still looking for the i - rule- the - school outfits :P
He appeared after a while. He had been to the school... and met the new director, Miss Beatrice!
What?? Lets forget about sexy. He thinks almost every women in the world are. But, witch?

Yes sounds like she is quite a witch.
But not all of us have Marlow's sick imagination, so we will wait for the night to see how ' sexy ' she is :))


Cysleek Design Lily's top group gift

.:scrts:. Mens Denim Hoodie Jacket Black
::Designer Circle::. ILAYA Floor poses
:.::Hot Stuff::. People like you... Aqua GG

.:scrts:. Black leather jacket-mesh

[ L3S ] Suit leather mesh
Kakia Designs Leopard Gown
NOTE: My friend Faye Feldragonne, Kakia's owner
has suffered a big inventory problem
and is leaving SL
We lose a great designer.
You can find her creations at

The best in pinterest :)