Tuesday, September 4, 2012


It has been miss Eleonore who appeared this morning at the meeting room to tell us miss Beatrice was desolated to not be with us for the opening, but she wasnt feeling good.
Tis and I were sitting at the back of the room, ready to run to the journal office. She tried to ask some questions, but Miss Eleonor was not giving us a clue.
I let Tis at the office, writing what she called 'a bomb' .
This afternoon my friends came home. Since End said he didnt like Umami visiting Silence at his flat, we avoid it when we know he is not traveling.
Of course we talked about 'the fake director', and the opinions were a bit different.

Yes, Loulou and I are talking again, but there is something between us that keep things cold. We have not talked about the argument, and i suppose if we do we will argue again.
And now she is being silly about Marlow, not minding to hurt his feelings.
But enough is enough and i wont give advice when no one asks me for it!

Specially when i have my own problems ... cause Tis just called...

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