Sunday, September 9, 2012

You have changed

I had that bad feeling when Loulou asked me to join them at the cafe.
But Umami had gone to the movies with Silence, and i knew Loulou would be offended if i said no ty, so i went.

When i saw MOna and BigBoobsBetty, i knew i had better stayed home.
Cause of course, Loulou and Sugar Suz had seen them too ...
But what the hell where they doing here? I mean, not that they couldnt, but, this was not their kind of place, they were so much more .... stylish (posh).
I tried to stopped them and we all argued. Mona and I ended up talking  in the restroom, with a lot of drama, of course.
Oh my
When will these girls (all of them) grow up?

HOT STUFF Andrea Minidress Week Dollarbie
XYROOM *Eternal Dream*  PinUp Style poses
Rock Me Amadeus Coco dress
[ L3S ] Satan Claws shoes
::Designer Circle::.
ILAYA Leg Crossing poses
Kennedy's "Biker Boots"
E-Clipse RockMeOut
Calico Ingmann Creations Adalia hair
*Phoebe* Woman Earrings~Treble Clef~

Eyelure - Endless Summer make up
Graffitiwear Wild Nights
::Designer Circle::.   Ilaya Leg crossing poses

::Designer Circle::. Gorgeous Hem dress
*SLAVE*  Beads Sandals MESH
OPOPOP Volga in Yellow // Mesh Top
Sparkly*Ephelant  Part-Che Tattos - Wildflowers
Dulce Secrets  Jerzy.Rum.Cactus skin (55L) 
::Designer Circle::.    Calico Ingmann Creations Audrey hair
 <Bellamissimo> Eve Skirt
::[annaA]:: Body Shape " Babette "  

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