Saturday, October 20, 2012

Let me see

We all thought Ree's idea to improve our sellings was good and fun. We should wear Halloween outfits, as funny or sexy as possible.
We decided to go home and grab any thing that could do, and we joined this afternoon at Ree's home to exchange clothing and make ups, before the great opening (this evening).

Wow what a house. It was a bit shocking, i had never thought Mr. Book was a rich man. But Ree didnt allow us to spend much time with ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhs, and wanted us to begin 'working'.
So we carry our bags to her  .... ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh bedroom.

And from here ...
... to a wonderful try-it-all afternoon!
Though we had to stop some too sexy ideas...
oh my hahahahahahaha
Yes1 I will let you see... later :)
+Blue Blood+ Disgrace MESH Dresses
::Designer Circle::. ILAYA Just stand poses
SLC Mesh Knotted Shirt Tartan
::Designer Circle::.  PrincessMode Unruly pose
.:scrts:. Shorts - Blue Denim 
OPOPOP Hot Toddy in Orange // Sculpty Hat
HOT STUFF Jesabell Lingerie The femdom hunt
*.JULYs.* Gloves
::Designer Circle::. Barely Legal - Imaginary Mesh Dress 
HOT STUFF Christina Boots MM prize this week!
Jamman Jewels & Accessories
 Ultimate Deluxe FingerNails

Rockoil Confine
::Designer Circle::. {Co*Motion} {I am a sitting model}

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