Sunday, October 14, 2012

Waiting room

XYROOM !gO! Duffle coat
Umami came to the hospital to spend the afternoon with me.
She is so sweet. She brought cookies and almost melted icecream and we ate as cows.

She made me feel much better distracting me with the school gossips.
Seems the school is having financial problems lately, and some activities could be reduced...
OPOPOP  Muon in lime // Mesh Sweater
I feel so far from these problems, I can only care for mom, I need these doctors appearing with some good news for a change!
But its been so nice to have my friend here. Guys, you are the best!

More outfits
[D.G] Bluechess glasses & chin II piercing
.::Secrets Hair::.  Sleen Hair
Sugar & Cyanide Dusty Shirt

Graffitiwear  Mens Mesh Denim Jacket

Sugar & Cyanide Hooded Sweater

XYROOM Barely Legal - BITCH Sit Down! Tankies

Jamman Jewels & Accessories Afromoon  brown & white bracelet
XYROOM .charme. Dotted bow. Hairband

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