Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween almost gone

The thing is i had a weird dream last night!
*.JULYs.* Halloween Gift sweater FREE! 
::Designer Circle::. PrincessMode - Ominous Poses
I was home, waiting for my little neighbours to come for their trick or treat...
And my cousin Zazu appeared. Not weird, i know... but you should have seen her eyes!!
Sugar & Cyanide Murder Babies Outfit
XYROOM .:Panda Punx.: Dragon Eyes
Oh, and it was nice that a famous actress as Graue came for her candies hahahaha
::Designer Circle::.
VR Jewellery Aztec's Treasure
Gorgeous Ornament Jacket
But then i ran out of candies for my visitors, so i had to go for more... and you would never imagine who came to help me :)
oO{VF}Oo-Amy Pond 'The Uniform'
Ops, run Doctor Bf Who, run! :))
But i came back safe and waited for my little visitors to come... Oh wait...there...
I think... maybe i ate too many halloween candies!
H.E.D. Falling for Autumn
 ::Designer Circle::.ILAYA Cross the legs
Sugar & Cyanide Murder Babies Outfit
 ::Designer Circle::. CHANDELLE - Shoe Cice #06
Jamman Jewels & Accessories
Ultimate Deluxe FingerNails
OPOPOP Scotchestnut in Orange // Sculpty Hat
XYROOM .:Panda Punx.: Dragon Eyes 
::Designer Circle::. *Step inSide* JULY limited skin &shape
 ::Designer Circle::. CHANDELLE - Shoe Cice #06

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