Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Let them wonder

These days out, away from school and families, are really good.
I love these guys, and we are a great team.
But Iam still afraid of drama.
Cause it is  not only Umi and I who are noticing it, I am sure.
Well, i have to admit everything seems ok for now. And we are going to the village's pub tonight, and thats always FUN!
But where are Marlow and Ree? We all are waiting for them!

Acid Lily
~Sassy!~ Cozy sweater - brown acid
:{MV}:Cleaver Heels Noir acid
{Co*Motion} Steamed*Up poses
Sugar&Cyanide Cuffed Skinny Jeans
OPOPOP Punch in Black. Unisex Mesh Shoes
::Designer Circle::. Eyelure Hot Crop Top
+HUHU+ Mesh jeans
Acid Lily Kaithleen's Berry Dress
.::Secrets Hair::. Shawna Hair 
HOT STUFF Set-Hoddie Open Sweater-Pink Wool
Acid Lily [FIEND] Ramone - Ankle Boots - Black
Jamman Jewels & Accessories
Afromoon necklace
Ultimate Deluxe FingerNails
Acid Lily [FIEND] Ramone - Ankle Boots - Black
+HUHU+ Tank top for men
.:scrts:. Leo Jeans
Muon in Black // Mesh Sweater
Jango in Cyan // Mesh Jeans 
Jamman Jewels & Accessories
Ultramesh rigged fingernails NEW!
Rockoil  Cocoon Black Purple boots
Acid Lily :{MV}:Cleaver Heels Noir acid
::Designer Circle::.
 ::: Mu-Shi Doll ::: Dark Black Dress
::Designer Circle::. PrincessMode Inmoral poses
Rockoil Fluffy outfit

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