Tuesday, December 4, 2012

DONT kill it!

Today while we were packing, something terrible happened.
I was  in my room when i heard the screams.
Loulou and the twins were taking some pics when Minnie saw ...
The girls began shouting like crazy, and I arrived on time to see it all happen...

Ree was truly horrified. She had no words for a minute. And when she recovered ...
XYROOM +HUHU+  Snow sneakers
But when Sugar Suz and I were ready to catch them and avoid a wrestling fight, Marlow appeared.
Despejito in Grey- Mesh Shirt
Jango in Cyan  - Mesh Jeans

Acid Lily  .::BT::. Core Values 
XYROOM +HUHU+ knitted off shoulder+ snow sneakers
Acid Lily {Co*Motion} Wall*Flower poses

XYROOM !gO! Ami dress
Acid Lily [FIEND] Winter Blues
OPOPOP Punch in Black Unisex Mesh Shoes

[d.l.s.]::  2012 mesh holiday sunglasses

Jamman Jewels & Accessories
All the nails in the post
Rainbow fingernails hud 

Acid Lily  .::BT::. Core Values  with Tango lolas applier
::Designer Circle::. Calico Ignmann Creations Nina hair

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