Sunday, December 2, 2012

Next morning

Last night Ree asked Marlow to 'rescue' Silence. She did it to help Umami.
Mudsline in Green. Mesh Sweater

Loulou was so pleased when Marlow came for her, she couldnt disguise her 'I won' smile.

Silence ran after Umami apologizing like crazy but she of course forgave him inmediately.

And I stayed with Ree, who smoked like million cigarettes till we decided to come back to the hostel and said goodnight.

I knew Loulou loved Marlow and should have never left him. But what about Ree now?
XYROOM *PosESioN* Waiting for you....

+HUHU+ mesh jeans
Boho Hobo
patched sweater cardigan, 
shoulderbag  and scarf
::Designer Circle::.
Calico Ignmann Creations Nina hair
Jamman Jewels & Accessories 
 Ultimate Deluxe FingerNails 

+HUHU+ mesh jeans and illegal sneakers
OPOPOP Mudsline in Green // Mesh Sweater
Frozen Gacha FreakyDesign Snowflake mouthie and plus
Winter Fair 2012 - Sugar & Cyanide  Bad List mesh shirt
.:scrts:. Mesh jeans

Frozen Gacha

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