Sunday, December 23, 2012

SHOPPING shopping ShOOOOpping

I have been shopping with Umami for a gift for our moms.
Oh my we really love shopping!
I have got a nice sweater for mine and Umi got a fabulous shawl for hers. And we have had a great time!
Oh and  ... Merry Xmas!
(Did i already say so? yeah i bet :) )

Some ideas for your shopping...
[[ Masoom ]] Hellen gown  HURRY 50L till dec 24!
HOT STUFF Isobel SunKiss skin with applier for your tango lolas
[d.l.s.]   2012 Advent  daily gifts!  Silver Snowflake Heels
HOT STUFF  Isobel SunKiss with applier for your tango lolas
[d.l.s.]  :: 2012 Advent daily gifts!::
Red Snowflake Shrug

Red Stripe Vintage Pants
HOT STUFF Isobel Tan with applier for your tango lolas
Sugar&Cyanide Happy Holidays!

[d.l.s.]   2012 Advent  daily gifts! Red Snowflake Cardigan
HOT STUFF Isobel Medium with applier for your tango lolas
Acid Lily 1 Hundred. Surrender Top
HOT STUFF Isobel pale with applier for your tango lolas
TaTToo PaRaDiSe TaTToo Waist Jewelry VG

[[ Masoom ]] for the Black Market Inaya top Coffee
+HUHU+ Classic pants
Boho Hobo shoulderbag

OPOPOP// Mudsline in Cyan // Mesh Sweater 

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