Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Girls restroom meeting

Yes, while Silence and Marlow are helping with the deco, we are hidding in the restroom.
Why? Cause Ree is here and we need to talk about tonight's party.
What happened after Loulou told Marlow that she wanted him back?
Of course I called Loulou to know. And she is telling everybody that they both are
seriously thinking about it
whatever that means.
I know Umami cant like Loulou's ways, and i dont agree with them either... But only Marlow has something to say here.
Ree says she wont have drama about it there are more men than cockroachs in the world! 
But Umami and i think there is something special in the air when they are together... and also ...

Acid Lily
even.flow - Hooded Cardigans
.:BTS:. Mesh Mini - White
 1 Hundred. Sweet Sleepover
Acid Lily {MoYaz}
 Sonia Mesh Leggings - Cashmere collection
Pia mesh tank top chocolate
::Designer Circle::. PrincessMode CynicaL poses 
Acid Lily Acid Lily
.:BTS:. Mesh Mini - White
 1 Hundred. Sweet Sleepover

::Designer Circle::. blah.BLAH.blah Mesh Rhinestone Ankle Boots
Akeruka Caesar skin 
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