Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Goodbye Charlie (Black only)

Yes, we all are there, and  wearing black only, as Marlow asked... (Umi with a bit of white :) )
I couldnt decide if laughing or crying. This is toooo ... kitsch. Fortunately, the guys had buried the little box before we arrived.
Two days ago, Charlie went for a walk. In other words, Marlow was playing with him , the mobile rang, he began talking and forgot about Charlie for a while. When he remembered his pet, Charlie had gone downstairs and Marlow found him trying to reach the kitchen.
After this adventure, Charlie seemed a bit sad (he didnt move much) and this morning, Marlow found him laying on his back, all his legs up and still.
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So Charlie had a great funeral, and we ran home after it cause we have an exam tomorrow... and only Umami stayed with Ree.
But remember, there is a little angel taking care of this love story... and she/he has sense of humour :)
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