Sunday, January 6, 2013

Make a wish

1 HUNDRED  Expose Shirts
+HUHU+  Mesh jeans
Yeah, we all think this world needs a change ... a big change.
::Designer Circle::. VR Jewellery Black Shaddow Collection99
Jamman Jewels & Accessories *ULTRA MESH RIGGED FINGERNAILS V2 NEW!
And yes, we all feel a bit naked and scared when thinking the 'what if...' could become real.
1 HUNDRED POE Hunt Gift ends today! Innocence Dress
But... come closer and Ill tell you a secret.
If you want the world to change...
Acid Lily- beginning jan 7th! MoYaz Sydney Mesh desert boots ~ Pitaya 
::Designer Circle::. Baboom-Handmade-Mesh-Sweater-red
Dirty Little Secret for the Forgotten Closet Retro bell bottoms
Get out of the frame and make it happen!

Pulse Skin Eyes & Shapes  Poison Wish for Cay T2 skin and Poison shape
Hi there, the model of this post is POISON, wearing the awesome POISON -WISH FOR CALY skin.
This is a skin donation made by Lorac Farella, and you will find it in different tones. As always, the skin quality is amazing. Please read the note at the end of the post and come to Pulse. Be beautiful inside and outside.
Make a wish.

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