Tuesday, February 26, 2013

She should know it :)

Umami looked worried today, and Ree and I could finally make her talk about it when we were alone in the girls lokers room.
::Designer Circle::. Bellamissimo Bella Dessous black
Ree and I did our best to let her see those were nonsenses.
'  Umami, you are silly! Im sure Silence sees you like a princess! '
Celtic Wolf FOR FLAWLESS Euphoria in Red
But she was soooooooooooo depressed ... ' Oh ty  girls but...  look at her... she seems to... SHINE! '
 Acid Lily .::BT::. Mhm
::Designer Circle::. {Co*Motion} Glamazon*Vogue
::Designer Circle::. {Co*Motion} Glamazon*Vogue
Jamman Jewels & Accessories  Ultra Mesh Rigged FingernailsV3
' And I am just a little mouse...
.::BT::. Correction Sneakers *pink*
 Dirty Little Secret For THE WASH -10L items! Spring Leather Jacket
SOUR PICKLES Skull Rawk Jeans  for The Whore Couture -beginning march 1st
 no shiny...
Senzafine "Audra" Winter Coat - Teal 
no beautiful...
.::BT::.Pony Up *princess*

no nothing! '
No... nothing? Only someone could make her see things different... And he was waiting for her and  yay! he did :)
.::BT::. Verified 
+HUHU+ Illegal sneakers
OPOPOP Chu-Hai V2.3 scarf
more outfits...
.::BT::. Verified 

.::BT::. Correction Sneakers *pink*

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