Thursday, March 7, 2013

It makes you beautiful

As my granny says, we girls can be a bit silly sometimes  :)

For exemple, this girl is super SEXY...
The Boobies Planet
Mimi's Lust Dress - WHITE
[Hush] Taylor Skin - WinterBerry 
But does Umami need to change?
 Dirty Little Secret For THE WASH -10L items! Spring Love Letter Jeans
[ L3S ] BOOTS UNISEX weekend sales (8 to 10 march)!
::Designer Circle::. Abia Capalini Tanita green

Acid Lily
.:BTS:. Cutesy Mesh Mini
Sydney Mesh desert boots ~ Black

XYROOM M.A.T. Short Arm Shirt Mustache
 Dirty Little Secret For THE WASH -10L items!
Spring Love Letter Jeans
Spring Girly Combat Boots!
XYROOM[ViSion} - S&F Mesh Shirt Ora
::Designer Circle::.Persefona Bunnie ears w/ jewellery
XYROOM****[ViSion} - S&F Mesh Shirt Ora
:Designer Circle::.
FuLo - "Cassie"  demi parure set
Phoebe Mesh Passion Rings
::Designer Circle::.
Phoebe Mesh Passion Rings 
All the nails in the post
Jamman Jewels & Accessories  Ultra Mesh Rigged FingernailsV3 

The best in pinterest :)