Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Do me a favor

I was waiting for my friends. The 4 tickets for I am your destiny were in my pocket and I was very excited cause we all have been dying to watch the movie.
Umami arrived first, and in a few Ree was there too, but where was Marlow?
Ree was a bit pissed off.
XYROOM [Yulicie] Gatcha Cups
"La petite fleur" GIFT Ruffle oneP
XYROOM [Yulicie] Gatcha Cups 'rare'
{Paradise Kiss} Mia dress

Pulse Skin Eyes & Shapes  Poison skin
*ANNA SHAPES* Ayla Model
Yes, Wispagold and her baby adore Marlow. And she asked him to babysit not only little Mac, but her cousin's girlie.
And you know who is Wispagold's cousin?

Exactly. Catz.
The Boobies Planet Mimi's Retro Dress
Akeruka Manuela skin and shape
Oh wow, isnt he lucky? He will meet her and be in her house! And Ree said Wispagold wanted to pay him extra for the 'emergency' call.
...::JUST MY IMAGINATION::...Cleo Design-A night in parisWHITE

Tomorrow we will ask him for all the details!!!

More outfits
Sugar & Cyanide  Bordeaux
Akeruka Manuela skin and shape
The Boobies Planet
*Fantasy Restraints*  Polka Dot - Pink
Akeruka Manuela skin and shape
:::DeJaVu Fashion:: 
Susan Complete Top[Appilier Lolas Tango] & Short 
The Boobies Planet  Lushish Catz  Briya Purple 
Akeruka Manuela skin and shape 
Akeruka Manuela skin and shape
XYROOM Hair band Persefona Gacha Prize
The Boobies Planet 
Blonde&Blonde Wild Wink Azure Blue
XYROOM Hair band Persefona Gacha Prize
Akeruka Manuela skin and shape
The Boobies Planet  Lushish Catz  Briya Purple
Jamman Jewels & Accessories
  Ultra Mesh Rigged FingernailsV3

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