Sunday, April 7, 2013

In another life

Some time ago (last year), before she changed school and came with her bro Mr Book, to ours, Ree had been a bit... difficult.
Ree, aka Twister in the old times (last year), used to join those kind of friends your mom always tell you to never join.
Ree says they were quite nice though, just a bit crazy.
Lollypop Sally...
LavandaChic* Knee boots
:::DeJaVu Fashion:: BabyLollipop Mesh
The Boobies Planet 
 !Q.B! Floral Lace Tank
.::WoW Skins::. Michelle skin & shape
SLC  Mesh Summer Shorts blue
::Designer Circle::. !!CiC!! Monique hair
and her besties Terry and Mouse.
 Elephante Poses for the Pose Fair 2013 Fuck you
Of course they all took always Ree's side against Veneno, Ree's rival.
::Designer Circle::.
Pink Cherry Skin Evangeline Tan - Smokey Eyes
[ L3S ] VENENO outfit

They all were bad students and really didnt mind care much for the classes, just waiting for the bell to ring and give them a chance to hide and have a cigarette.

But they had big competition about being the most popular.
.:EC:. Nyx outfit
V.I.P. Glasses M.A.T
DeJaVu F Silver Bonnie brevetti AnkleBoot 

The one who had more boys around was the winner.

Usually, Ree won all the competitions, and when she did not, it was not really drama.

Till that guy appeared.
OPOPOP Picoyann in Red mesh shirt and Jango mesh jeans
 Elephante poses for fi*Friday and The Promenade Man Of The Hour

And this time, no matter what her friends said, she had to get the boy.  Unfortunately, Veneno thought the same.
The Boobies Planet :.::Hot Stuff::.:Red Zone Outfit 
::Designer Circle::. COCO SANDS Erin shape
 [Hush] Skins April Sugar Rush Releases  Jilly Skin 
.::BT::. Me
The Boobies Planet
:.::Hot stuff::.: Isobel Med
Perfect Shapes Angelina's Shape

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